Thursday, October 8, 2009

This is the pokemon novel!

It was January, the stellar gaze of summer was beaming down from the heavens. The Pidgy's were chirping their happy song, whilst scouting for wild Weedle's, whilst the roaring boom of a Charizards cry could be heard from the far away mountains to the quiet little village which went by the name of Pallet Town. Pallet Town was a rather small place, with only a labratory belonging to professor Oak, and three small houses. Not much was heard about Pallet Town from the major cities of Kanto, however, if there was one thing unique about Pallet town, it was professor Oak, who was working on his newest invention: The Pokedex. A device which can gather information about every single pokemon in the world, the only thing it needs is somebody to go about and recieve information about the pokemon, so this year, professor Oak had found two hopeful young boys to go about the region of Kanto and collect this data. Their names were Ash, and Gary.

There are various recounts of the life and adventures of Ash Ketchem, although the stories of Gary Oak had been forgotten. However this is the tale of Gary Oak, son of Professor Oak, a story of rivalries between the two new trainers and the epic battles of the pokemon of Gary.

Chapter 1 - Brutal Beginnings

"So let the battle commence!" Roared Professor Oak. Gary took his hand, grasped his newfound pokeball, and threw it to the ground whilst pressing the release button. He was not quite sure what would come out of the ball, as for all he knew, it was a normal type pokemon. On the opposing side was Ash, who had just found out his new pokemon, a Pikachu, which is an electric mouse pokemon, the static electricity was surging from its red cheeks, seemingly eager to escape and shock its oponents with electric vigor. The ball had hit the ground, semi-transparent outlines of a fox like pokemon could be seen, the immage of the pokemon was soon to follow, there stood a proud Eevee, with a great mane of white fur flowing majesticaly from the creatures neck, to chest. The ears attop its head twiched, as its gaze was fixed on Gary. Gary stared back, seeing both the eyes of friendship, and the eyes of madness. "Eevee"! The pokemon said in its ringing voice, then turning to the opposing Pikachu, who looked eager to strike, A second cry was heard from Eevee, the same words, in a angry tone. Pikachu suddenly rushed towards Eevee, charging with intense passion to kill, lightning surging from its cheeks, and finally jumped, soaring above Eevee, and then comming down onto the fox like Pokemon. Eevees senses were sharpened, it bent down on its front legs, tail high in the air, like a Poochyena playing with a ball. Anticipating the Pikachu's attack, Eevee jumped into the air aswell, and collided, Sparks of lightning could be seen across the labratory, some interfering with all sorts of technological equipment, however all of the lightning suddenly dispersed, as a small cloud of dust was now visible, but its contents shielded. "Pikachu!" cried Ash in horror, as the dust slowly subsided an immage was able to be made out, a bushy tail wagging high in the air, with a form of pokemon lying on the ground, unable to move. When all was visible both trainers ran to see what had happened, Ash screamed as he saw his new companion with a huge opening in its chest, with intestines visible, a bloodsoaked Eevee was seen next to the body, with a content crimson smile on its face. And that was the day in which both Gary, and Ash lost their childhood innocence, and the contents of their stomachs for that matter. They were both transfered to hospital, from fainting, Eevee on the otherhand, was quite fine, Pikachu is a much loved treat for some pokemon, however Eevee did not get to finish his meal, as Professor Oak interupted, taking Ash's Pokeball and called Pikachu back to the safety of the orb. Eevee was quite frustrated, stomping the blood pool of where the Pikachu used to lay, before so rudely taken away from him. This behaviour was unusual to Professor oak, As through all the years of his research, he had never seen a creature with such a bloodlust before, as the Eevee was now trying to bite the ankles off near by scientists. One scientist was unlucky enough to have his leg severly gouged. Professor Oak had the power to ensure that there were no injuries, but instead he just watched the terror that this creature could unleash. "Hmmm, yes... I see" Oak muttered underneath his breath, as he called the frenzied Eevee back to its ball. Professor Oak then proceded towards his desk, with the Pokeball in hand, clearing his desk to write his new findings upon some parchment.

Gary woke first, unaware of what had previously taken place. He looked around his new surroundings, clearly he was in a hospital, the perfect made beds by his side, with what appeared to be Ash Ketchum sleeping in one, not one spot of dirt anywhere to be found. There were pictures of all sorts of Pokemon on the roof, with a TV on a short desk on the opposite of his bed, which was broadcasting what seemed to be a show about a famous Pokemon battle. There was something odd that was never explained on TV when battles are shown, the ending has always been cut off as the attacking pokemon makes its final blow, nobody ever spoke about it, and he could find out no reason as to why they would do so. Clearing his thougts, he removed the covers of his bed, he stood up, stretched out wide and cracked his neck side to side, feeling somewhat refreshed, although he still had no memory of what had previously happened before he lost consciousness. Looking around he sighted a young spikey brown haired kid glaring at him, Gary squeeled "Yeeeek"! which was quite unnescercary, as he soon found out that the boy right in front of him was infact his own reflection. Consequently this sudden squeel woke up Ash, who was in the bed near by. "What the Diglet!?" Ash shouted out in shock, he was still dizzy, and fell off his bed, smashing his forhead into a near by table, losing consciousness again. This greatly amused Gary, as Ash and Gary had always hated each other, from as early as the age of two, when Ash walked over to Gary, and stole his lollypop, which made Gary get angry, and hit Ash over the head with his toy spade. Ever scince that day, they had been rivals. It just hit Gary, as he only realy just noticed Ash there, he now wondered why the both of them were in the same hospital, under the same circumstances and time, Gary thought the only logical explanation was that they had been in a massive brawl the day before, and been hit by a car, which had a rabid Mankey for a driver, without even "L" plates. Gary's mind had always been somewhat off in the distance, as his explanation as to why the earth spins greatly differed from everybody else, he believed that there were Ratata's running around underneath the ground, spinning the earth, as if it were a running wheel. Everybody knows that is false, as it is clearly Mankey's that run about down there, It would be silly if it were to be Ratata's. Casting aside his memories, Gary looked outside the window, to see if he could get a thorough idea of just where he was, there were no human hospitals inside Pallet town. Gary could make out a few houses, that of which looked exactly like the ones of Pallet town, beyond the houses he could faintly make out a forest. "But there's no hospital in my town... Oh!, It must be the attic of Dads " Everybody could see that the labratory had two floors, however nobody had ever seen inside the top part. This was infact the window that Professor Oak viewed out of, looking straight into the Ketchum household, into Ash's bedroom. To check if he was alright of course. Gary was still very confused as to what had happened, so he took out his jacket, which was placed at the side of his bed, and ventured downstairs to try and search for some answers.

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  1. This is totally intriguing! I love it! Wonderful sense of exciting fantasy! Especially loved the idea of eyes being the eyes of friendship and the eyes of madness! Wonderful!

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